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Day 1   Tuesday Sep 19, 2023
8:00 - 9:00pm
Decarbonization and whole life carbon: Accelerating Net Zero Building Scalability
Presented By:

Ghina Annan


  • Whole Life Carbon Zero: Grasp the significance of achieving zero carbon emissions throughout a building's lifecycle for sustainability.
  • ISO and EN Frameworks: Explore recognized standards guiding carbon assessment and reduction in MEP systems.
  • Embodied vs. Operational Carbon: Differentiate between carbon emissions during construction and ongoing building operation.
  • MEP Embodied Carbon: Understand the impact of embodied carbon in MEP systems.
  • Practical Implementation: Learn actionable steps to integrate carbon reduction into MEP systems' lifecycle.
  • Quantifying Carbon Impact: Discover methods to measure both embodied and operational carbon emissions.
  • ASHRAE Decarbonization Resources: Stay updated on upcoming ASHRAE tools for advancing carbon reduction and sustainable building practices.
Presenter's Background

Ghina Annan is an expert in the field of sustainability and decarbonization, currently serving as the Decarbonization Business Lead for Stantec in Ottawa. With 12 years of experience in high-performance building design, Ghina's focus is on achieving a net positive regenerative approach, ensuring both human and planetary health and fostering a better world for all. Her deep knowledge of building science and design solutions enables her to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable practices. Ghina excels at identifying and capturing opportunities that lead to social, environmental, and economic improvements. As the ASHRAE committee chair for the Building Decarbonization Whole Life Design Guide, she actively contributes to the development of guidelines focused on whole life carbon considerations for building systems. Ghina's significant contributions to the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook, particularly in the chapter on global climate change, have been recognized and published in 2021. In 2022, Ghina was honored with the International Young Energy Professional of the Year 2022 Award from the Association of Energy Engineers and Climate Action Leadership Award for the 2023 Women in Energy Awards, a testament to her dedication and impact within the energy industry. Her expertise spans across various domains, including sustainable design and certifications, health and wellbeing consulting, strategy formulation, market assessments, and long-term planning. Ghina possesses exceptional communication skills and strong leadership fostering a culture of excellence. With credentials such as ASHRAE distinguished lecturer, LEED AP, LFA, WELL AP, EcoDistricts AP, CEM, EDGE, GSAS, PQP, ENV SP, Fitwel, TRUE, HPI, and ActiveScore AP, Ghina showcases comprehensive knowledge in sustainability design practices

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