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Day 1   Tuesday Nov 21, 2023
8:00 - 9:00pm
Waste Water Energy Recovery - The Final Frontier
Presented By:

Wael Khalaf, P.Eng.,


Waste Water Energy Recovery – The Final Frontier

Wael will be presenting about the opportunity to recover energy from waste water. In mechanical designs, domestic water is usually a huge energy user. Generally, we only use domestic water momentarily and then it goes down the drain. The presentation will look at different opportunities to recover that energy from the drain water and give examples of how we can use that recovered energy in mechanical systems.

Presenter's Background

Wael Khalaf, P.Eng., is a valued member of the Engineering team at HTS Engineering. With a deep commitment to excellence, Wael leverages his expertise to provide guidance to building owners and consultants seeking optimal equipment solutions to meet their diverse objectives. His enduring passion for the construction and renovation industry, along with his keen understanding of its financial intricacies, has been a driving force throughout his career.

As an engineer, Wael's inquisitive nature fuels his pursuit of comprehensive insights into the inner workings of systems, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Having graduated from University of Ottawa, Wael holds a degree in Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering, which serves as a strong foundation for his contributions to the field.

Since 2013, Wael has been a dedicated member of the HTS team, where he continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment and a thirst for knowledge.

HTS Engineering is a supplier and manufacturer’s rep for many different HVAC products, ranging from chillers, heat pumps, boilers, air handlers to terminal devices and sheet metal products. HTS puts an emphasis on strong engineering knowledge and support.

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