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Day 1   Wednesday Mar 22, 2017
1:00 - 4:30pm
Seminar: VRF Technology in our Canadian Climate
Presented By:

Jean-Samuel (JS) Rancourt, Principal, DXS Engineering 


Variable Refrigerant Flow [VRF] technology has swept away the rest of the world over the past three decades. VRF is now becoming a mainstream HVAC option in Canada, with multiple 100+ ton projects underway across the country, and as the fastest growing segment of the North American HVAC industry. VRF has unique advantages, mainly due to buildings no longer needing any water components for HVAC when airsource VRF is used. VRF is a space efficient alternative to central plants, removing the need for chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps etc. Using small and flexible refrigerant pipes to distribute heating and cooling around buildings instead of water, VRF is ideal for retrofit applications, or for new-builds with footprint or floor height constraints. This seminar will introduce VRF technology, discuss its benefits and challenges in our Canadian climate and with our construction standards, and provide insights on designing intelligent VRF systems.


Part I: VRF Overview (90 minutes) - Introduction - VRV 101 - Application & design - Water-cooled VRV - Refrigerant & CSA B52

Part II: Advanced Modules (90 minutes) - Heat Recovery systems design optimization - Designing for low ambient heating and cooling - VRV Controls design and integration

Presenter's Background

Jean-Samuel (JS) Rancourt is a founding partner of DXS, a subsidiary of HTS focusing exclusively on VRF technology. JS entered the HTS family of companies via the co-operative internship program. JS is a graduate from the University of Waterloo, graduating Valedictorian from his Mechanical Engineering class. JS used the co-operative program to spend some time in the HVAC industry in the HTS-Ottawa office and in the HTS-San Antonio, Texas office in 2008 and 2009. After spending some time within the contracting and project management team of HTS at the Toronto headquarters, JS launched DXS in Ontario in June of 2012. Since then, JS has designed and managed the largest high-rise condo, school, hotel, and school residence project with VRV technology in Canada, including the largest VRV project in North America. JS now leads the engineering and owner/developer sales of DXS, and is in charge of business development.

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