Agenda Item Details
Day 1   Tuesday Mar 21, 2017
8:00 - 9:00pm
Refrigeration Energy Essentials
Presented By:

Greg Scrivener, Cold Dynamics Ltd


A review of the basic vapor compression refrigeration cycle and refrigeration system components will be used to learn which parameters and design choices have the most impact on refrigeration and air conditioning system efficiency. The presentation will examine different control strategies and technologies that are used to increase refrigeration cycle efficiency such as floating head pressure, floating suction pressure, sub cooling, expanders and ejectors. This topic will also explain coefficient of performance (COP) and how combined COPs are used.   

Presenter's Background

Greg Scrivener started in the refrigeration industry as an apprentice refrigeration mechanic in 1997 and completed his journeyperson certification in 2003 with an award for ‘Most outstanding new Journeyperson”. Continuing to work in the refrigeration industry, Greg completed a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 2011.


Having worked in roles from all the way from mechanic to design engineer, Greg can offer a comprehensive view point on refrigeration related construction and design. In 2014, he founded Cold Dynamics and is now involved with refrigeration consulting work including design, inspections, commissioning, advanced troubleshooting, energy auditing, control sequence optimizations, and training. Coupled with a passion for energy efficiency and the environment, Greg’s unique experience leads to an in-depth understanding of the parameters affecting efficient refrigeration system operation.

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