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Day 1   Tuesday Mar 21, 2017
4:30 - 5:30pm
Tech Session - Electrical Fundamentals for HVAC Design
Presented By:

Jeff Siddall of Morrison Hershfield


If you have ever felt that Electrical Fundamentals are a mystery, then you need to attend this Tech session. Jeff Siddall of Morrison Hershfield will be giving an introduction to Electrical Power and Lighting for the HVAC industry.


Jeff will go over the main components and their function. He will review topics such as:

• Common voltages such as 120 / 208 / 347 & 600 V

• The purpose of transformers and the heat release impact on Mechanical design

• Single phase vs three phase power

• Is 347 V still valid with the advent of LED lighting?

• What is the Heat release from newer lighting fixtures

• What is the purpose of Starters, MCC’s and VFD’s

• When do you need dry contacts and relays?

• What systems belong on Emergency Power?

• When do you need more than one Automatic Transfer Switch?

• The need to coordinate with Electrical regarding what voltages are available and why 240 volt is not usually a good option


Jeff will also describe the information that the Electrical designers need from the Mechanical designers. The importance of performing an M&E coordination review prior to tender. He will emphasize why changing all the motor sizes the day before tender is really not such a good idea. He will explain how to cool a transformer vault in accordance with Hydro requirements. He will also give an introduction to electrical single line drawings and how to read them.

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