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Lucy's Engineering Adventure for Kids Sponsorship 2023-2024
Ottawa Valley
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Support your local growing minds by sponsoring the purchase and delivery of copies of Lucy's Engineering Adventure to local K-12 schools.



A synopsis of Lucy's Engineering Adventure:

“How do they work? Why don’t they fall?
What lights them up? Do they need to be tall?”


In the first book of the series, Lucy visits an unfinished building, where her father uses a metaphor of the human body to explain the building's beams and columns, electrical system, and HVAC ducts.



A synopsis of Lucy Goes Green:

In the second book of the series, Lucy goes with her classmates on a field trip to a sustainable farm, where they learn about storing energy using solar panels and windmills and recycling water through rainwater collection.



More information about the book is at the link below:

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Lucy's Engineering Adventure - General
The Ottawa Valley Chapter wants to support the next generation of ASHRAE members by offering free books to K-12 students. Your donation will support the purchase of one book for every $20 donated and is greatly appreciated.
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